The hiking routes in Valencia are just one more attraction of those offered by the Valencian Community. In each of these paths, the Community shows that it is not only coast and beach. It also offers a wide range of outdoor activities. In them you will be able to enjoy, the natural charm of these lands. Hiking is one of them. Today we are going to propose you some of the most popular routes that you will be able to cross there.

Hiking routes in Valencia: Portell de l’Infern

Already the same name can indicate you the type of landscape that you will contemplate. There are different itineraries to visit the Portell of l´Infern that start from the town of Fredes. This path is the old natural pass between Fredes and Senia. Its beauty lies in being carved among majestic limestone rocks. Near Portell you can also visit other, wonders of the area. You can find Punta del Solà d’en Brull, Morral Desplegat, Pont Foradat, Cova de l´Aire or the Salt, Mas del Salt and Peraire ravines.

Hiking routes in Valencia: the hanging bridges of Chulilla

The municipality of Chulilla offers us this fantastic route in which to discover the hanging bridges that are located in the Turia canyon. It is a simple route that will take you through the gorges of the river and the bridges that cross it. To finish the route, do not hesitate to visit the town of Sot de Chera. You can take a refreshing swim in the natural swimming pool known as Charco El Gruñidor.

Walking routes in Valencia: river Cabriel and the pier in Cofrentes
These are two routes that start from the town of Cofrentes. Here you will be able to contemplate its fabulous castle at the top of the hillside.

Along the route of the river Cabriel you will be walking to the right margin of its course and you will be contemplating the clear green of its waters. At the same time, you will be able to discover some desert beach where to make a deserved rest.

The route of the pier is a very quiet and short journey that will take you along a road without traffic. You will be able to enjoy the landscape of the outskirts of the municipality and to spy with luck some mountain goat.

Trekking routes in Valencia: the Alborache water mills

Alborache is the starting point of this hiking route through Valencia. A route that for sure will enchant you by the wonderful landscape that you will discover bordering the river Buñol. Passing by old water mills, intransitated paths, forests and fauna of the area.

So, you know, sports are a good excuse to travel. If you are going to visit the Valencian Community during your holidays, besides the swimsuit, don’t forget your trekking clothes! Also don’t forget to visit our Tips to equip yourself on your hiking trails.

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